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about jcmg

Trains, Theatre, Tea. (& everything in between). jcmg is the blog of Jarley, and it’s where you’ll find all their latest thoughts and experiences of suburban, modern life. It’s a personal safe space to release thoughts and points of view on the Internet, as well as somewhere to educate and inform about transport, general lifestyle matters and the latest LGBTQ+ topics. If something’s piqued your interest make sure to comment and share; we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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about Jarley (they/them)

Jarley is a 28-year-old gender fluid lifestyle blogger and LGBTQ+ campaigner based in London. Their interests include fashion, musical theatre and social history, as well as championing gender diversity, transgender visibility and mental health awareness.

Professionally, Jarley is an award-winning instructor signal operator on the world’s oldest Underground urban railway network – the London Underground – and is the first, and to date the only, openly gender fluid person to undertake that role.

When not keeping the trains rolling Jarley can often be found inside a performing arts venue, following their love for musical theatre and fuelling a perhaps slightly unhealthy obsession for all things Les Misérables. They also love to travel and to explore, taking a unique view on the world and looking for the beauty and the uniqueness at every turn. You can follow their day to day adventures and visits on their Twitter page.

Jarley writes about their daily adventures as a gender fluid person, offering an insight into experiences shared by thousands in a similar position across the globe. They challenge societal stereotypes and work tirelessly to educate and engage about the gender spectrum. Jarley’s work specialises in the transport sector, where they engage with numerous stakeholders to confront commonly held notions of sex and gender and seek to improve the experiences for staff and customers travelling on Britain’s transport networks. To this end, in August 2020 they set up The Progress Train, a decentralised campaign network to promote better LGBTQ+ visibility across the transport industry.

contact Jarley

You can keep up to date with jcmg’s adventures by following them on a variety of social media – or by reading this blog! Whilst they’re primarily found on Twitter, you can also find them at the following sites:


If you’d like to chat more with Jarley about their experiences, or enquire about freelance writing or speaking opportunities, you can get in touch with them via email at us@jcmg.io, or by using the contact form below. They’re also available on Telegram messenger for more urgent enquiries. Jarley endeavours to answer all enquiries within 48 hours of receipt.